Episode 10

Episode 10 marks the first LOUD ROCK episode of the show. Some of VA’s best in Metal, Punk, and Hardcore!

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Battlemaster – Displacer Feast

Stuck Backwards – Over Again

Witness – Gravedance

Kodiak – Loveslinger

Venomspitter – United

Chivalry’s Not Dead – Right Back At Ya

RVNT – Disconnect

The Scarlet Plague – Protector

Omega Boys – Hardwired

Seraph – Whitney Houston Bathtub Extravaganza

Immoralist – Death Spitter

Learner – Cowboys

Set For Tomorrow – Bones to Bones

Vorator – Streets of Düsseldorf

Cold Touch – Can’t Help You

The Danger of Falling – Grizzly Adams

Macerated – A Tranquil Beating

Sex Dagger – High Horse

BoughtXBlood – Incomplete

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