Episode 8

Episode 8 of Community Service features an entire playlist chosen by my wife, Ashley. She helped out the show by backing on Kickstarter and shares a story about her early connection to the show.

The Animal Beat – Ordinary

Safety Word Orange – Fiending

The Half Jeffersons – Yours Truly

Mayfair – In My Head

The Last Bison – Dark Am I

Asleep at the Bottom of the Sea – Living Vol. 2

Friday Night Boys – Stuttering

Colin Healy and the Jetskis – Stuck in a Small Town

In Every Light – Old Town, New Life

Love & Reverie – Fall in Love (Acoustic)

Parachute – She Is Love

A Suffocating Signal – Tag the Runner

Craig Kleeman – Punchline

The Bigger Lights – When Did We Lose Ourselves?

The Honey Dewdrops – Loneliest Songs

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