Episode 49

Co-hosted by Jim and Bobby from Busted Wire and The Jim Ivins Band.

Conditions – Man To Mannequin

Mayfair – The Annulment

Brighter The Moon – Castles (Lost)

(LIVE) Busted Wire – No One Hangs Up On Bobby Gary (LIVE)

The New Outliers – Fall Down

Bobby Gary and Co. – Let me Go (ft. Jim Ivins and Emma Follansbee)

Longarms – We Are Not Dead Yet

Half Jeffersons – Sweet Angel

(LIVE) Jim Ivins Band – The Chance (LIVE)

Drew Martin & the Limelights – Calling Your Bluff

(LIVE) Busted Wire – Christmas Medley (LIVE)

Sunbox – Fly or Fall

Sea Of Storms – Belly Full of Bones

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